CAJ Teeth

CAJT Technology – (Cancer affected Jaw Teeth Technology)

With advent of Cone Beam Computerised Technology (CBCT) a 3D scan of your cancer affected jaw with surrounding structures can now be printed on a 3D printer and accurate mouth cancer surgery and replacement of teeth with the new jaw is now possible within few hours on the same day.

The SAPTeeth Technology enables you get the teeth immediately with higher success rate. Earlier you would lose your cancer affected jaw and found difficulty in eating as well as your looks were so much compromised that your quality of life post cancer treatment was unacceptable.

Now you have an acceptable solution for replacement of your cancer affected jaw and teeth with this revolutionary CAJTtechnology. We are thankful to Dr Arun Chamria and Dr Chirag Chamria, who have intensely contributed in the advent of this revolutionary CAJT technology.

The International Institute of Dental Research Pvt Ltd, a corporate body in India has agreed to impart this CAJT Technology and give all its assistance to the premier dental clinicians associated with Royal Dental Implants Pvt Ltd.

Despite its same-day solutions, its patients are advised regular necessary check-ups and teeth balancing along with maintaining their teeth in good health post the one-day treatment. In addition to β€˜same day fixed teeth’, Royal Dental has carved a niche for itself with its Full-mouth Rehabilitation or Beautification procedures.

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