Facial Aesthetics & Rehabilitation

Facial Aesthetics & Rehabilitation

Every face ages differently but there may be certain commonalities between the ageing faces. The loss of fullness of youthful cheeks may be lost, fat around the eyes and the cheekbone may be lost resulting in a skull face. The skin loses the shin and the wrinkles start to appear. The skin of the neck starts to sag and jowls appear. The smile line changes with changes in the shape and colour of the teeth. In cases; where the individuals need is urgent an alternate to orthodontic (braces and wires) treatment, jaw surgery can be offered with the use of Royal HIPC prosthesis. This treatment can be performed on the same itself in most cases. There can be dramatic changes in the irregularities of the jaw bone. This enhances the jaw position and alignment with the smile. Other salient benefits of this treatment is:

  • Improved airway circulation
  • Aesthetic profile
  • Better chewing and swallowing efficiency
  • Improves the ability to close the mouth and lips properly
  • Relives pain and discomfort at the TMJ region

Although many of the abnormalities can be treated with orthodontics alone, a more extensive deformity or when the need of the patient is urgent surgical correction with cosmognathic technology is used. Typically, both the hard and soft tissues of the face along with the teeth and bite, need to be considered while formulating a definitive treatment plan, which will lead to the best facial balance outcome.

The revolutionary technique at Royal allows for simultaneous anti-ageing procedures in minimal time. We combine the use of the advances in Royal HIPC, Facial Cosmognathic Technology, & Stem Cell Rejuvenation techniques to achieve the result. Not only is having multiple procedures at the same time more cost-effective, but it also has advantages of a single recovery time avoiding the need for second anaesthesia. For the majority of the patients, this is both safe, and practical.

No matter how many procedures one has simultaneously, smile designing and facelift are the core procedure to achieve a new, rejuvenated fresh look. Using the latest technology in 3D scanning, CBCT, Virtual surgical planning, 3D photography, the results are more success-oriented, efficient and a capable solution. Advocated particularly for individuals who have been in the business of meeting people on a daily basis like the fashion industry, marketing persons, air hostesses.

Dr Chirag Chamria, Director, has completed advanced surgery courses in cancer from the University Medical Center Groningen (UMCG), Netherlands, and advanced training in Sialography – salivary gland – from the University of Switzerland, Geneva.

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